Thursday, October 23, 2008

Color Wonders & A Stinky Surprise!

Today at lunch, Baba came home for the second week in a row and cleaned up the whole house as a big present for me! How awesome is he! While he was home, he found this love-fest in our living room. From the left- Jambalaya (Jo-Jo to Lily), Scout, Cajun (in back), and Clancy. Now, onto our darling Lily- First, we bought her some Color Wonders. They do say 3 years old and up on them, but we just couldn't help it. She loves them! She already knows how to take the lid on and off the marker, and she just goes to town coloring away. How cool that she doesn't mark on our counter or the floor! This is the coolest thing ever invented!

Here she is coloring away while Baba is fixing dinner.

Now, onto the stinky surprise...Lily finally went to the potty for Mrs. Cindy. Cindy said that they danced and danced after Lily did this. It was a wonderful day all together! Now, things are completely perfect. Lily adores Cindy, and Cindy won't have to clean up stinky diapers anymore! What a blessing today was!


jocelyn031708 said...

I am so glad things are going well for Lily and Cindy. They are bonding really well. I know that God led you to Cindy and Cindy to you


lillian08 said...

Woooo-hooo for Lily and her stinky surprise!! Lilli says, "Way to go girlfriend!!!"
Gotta get some of those markers. My kitchen table has crayon marks all over it!
Your cats are too cute! We only have one cat... and his ego is too big for our small house!
xo, Jen

Kevin and Kimberly said...

Love all of your cats!! I have three and have seen them do that about once - LOL!!

Lily is doing so well!!