Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Re-adoption Day!!!

Here we are waiting in line at the courthouse this morning. We didn't have to wait too long out in the hallway, but we had to wait FOREVER in the chambers. Lily was so good. She just entertained herself and everyone else, of course. Once we met with the judge, it only took a matter of minutes for everything to be signed and finalized. So, now, we are just waiting on her official birth certificate that says we are her parents! Today was very much like the day we got Lily in China- rainy, rainy, rainy. It was neat to walk across the parking lot with our umbrella just as we had a little over 6 months ago. However, this time, our daughter was held in our arms and she knew exactly who she was with. What a blessing our Lily is to our lives!


lillian08 said...

Woooo-hooooo! Happy Re-Adpotion Day to you!!!
I don't think we are required to readopt in NC... I think we only need to apply for a new birth certificate and then head to the state capital to register everything properly!
Much love and congratulations!!!!

jocelyn031708 said...

Congratulations on your re-adoption day. She is one very lucky little girl and I know you are blessed to have her for your daughter. Congratulations

Renee and Jocelyn Van Eman