Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lily's Horsey

A long, long time ago before we ever even saw Lily's face for the first time, Pop bought Lily this adorable purple horsey. Lily and I have now named her Violet. Just a few weeks ago, Lily discovered Violet in the corner of her bedroom. So, we started to show her how to ride her horsey. Now, when we go upstairs, Lily will go straight to Violet and want to take a ride. So, here she is starting off in the kitchen... Making her way into the living room....
With a huge smile on her face. Pop did a really good job! Lily loves Violet! (Another great day with Mrs. Cindy, by the way. They have really become close. This morning, I told Lily that Mrs. Cindy was at school to get her. She reached for me to pick her up, while stretching her neck to see out Aunt Trina's door. Then, as soon as she saw Cindy- she held out her hands and went straight into Mrs. Cindy's arms. It is wonderful to see them bonding and to know that Lily loves her babysitter! Praise God!!!)

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