Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Family Weekend (Part 2) and an Update on Lily & Mrs. Cindy

Lily learned how to properly walk around in my shoes this weekend... And she also learned how to walk around in Baba's shoes, as well. Of course, you can see who was helping her with this---- Aunt Suzette.
Aunt Suzette got lots of loving this weekend... just like normal.
Here is an example of Lily- our lapgirl with her Aunt Suzette. If she wasn't sitting with Pop or playing with Pop- then she was with Aunt Suzette.
Of course, she also gravitated to whoever had food, too. This was the first of two popsicles.
Onto the Cindy & Lily update, Lily had an excellent day today. She is attaching to Cindy really well. This morning, Lily was playing with her Aunt Trina in her classroom when Cindy drove up to our side door. I told Lily that Cindy was here to see her. She started walking pretty quickly to see. Then, she wanted me to pick her up. When I took her out to see Cindy- she leaned right over to her for Cindy to hold her. We were both really excited. Well, the day continued on really well. Lily talked, giggled, and loved on Mrs. Cindy all day long. She ate well, and she took a great nap with no problems. We still have to work on the potty- but all in all, it looks like Lily is definitely beginning to love Mrs. Cindy. Thanks for all of the prayers! Keep sending them up- because they are totally working.

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lillian08 said...

Loved reading these wonderful posts and seeing all the pictures!!
So happy to hear that Lily and Cindy are bonding finally!!
xo, Jen