Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Playdate with Kenli

We loved having Kenli and her Keepers over on Friday night. Look how adorable Kenli is! She is just a doll! She is also so sweet. She just had her birthday a few days ago, and she is now 2 years old. It is hard to believe that time has flown by so quickly for both of us. It just seems like yesterday that Amy and Ira were headed to China. Now, Kenli is talking and she knows so many cool things. She knows all of her shapes- even octagon! She knows colors, and she knows over half of the alphabet. Plus, she is such a good girl. We are so blessed to have her and her family in our lives! They started playing with some puzzles. Lily wanted to give the pieces to Kenli one at a time.
Here she is handing them to Kenli. When she would hand them over- Kenli knew every animal. The cutest thing is when Amy asked Kenli what a rooster says- she said "Roooooster!" It was so cute. Amy said she has no idea where Kenli got that. But, we had to ask her a couple of times just to hear her again.
Kenli let Lily borrow one of her toys which is in the picture above. It is a zebra rocker. Lily loved it! She rocked on it and rode it like a horse all evening long.
Here is another shot of Lily handing over the puzzle pieces. We hope we get to see Kenli again very soon! Amy, Ira, and Kenli - thank you for coming to visit! We had so much fun watching the girls getting to know each other.

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