Monday, October 6, 2008

Lily at Sunday School

Lily is certainly doing better at church these days. Jamie and I are her Sunday School teachers, but we also have another teacher with us this year. Lily loves Mrs. Kay. We love her, too! She is just so fun to be around, and Lily feels very safe around her. This Sunday, Lily got to paint for the first time. She really enjoyed that! Here she is having snack. The other kids are sitting around her at the table. So, after Sunday School, we had planned to leave her during church for the first time. She has only been here 6 months, and we just wanted to make sure she was ready. But, after the week she has had- we were concerned about leaving her. So, we decided to compromise. We left her for a short period of time with our pastor's wife. She did really well. We were very proud of her. Hopefully, the next couple of weeks will bring about a big adjustment period for Lily. We are hopeful that she will realize we are always coming back, and it is okay for her to stay with other people for awhile. After only 6 months with us, she has had too many changes in the past few weeks. It is something that no adopted child should ever have to endure this soon. But, I know that God will take care of her and of us as we continue on this journey of change with Lily.

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