Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Potty Training...

Lily is very proud of herself since we are starting to learn how to only wear her "Dora panties" a.k.a. Dora Easy Ups. She has been making her stinkies on the potty since we got her in China at 10 months old. But, lately, she has been going for hours at a time without making a tinkle in her diaper. So, we thought it might be time to give this complete potty training thing a try. We will let you know how it goes.... On another exciting note, Lily is finally finished with bottles. Our doctor said that we could keep her on a bottle just for bonding purposes. She has been using a sippy cup for awhile now, but still taking a bottle at night. Over our vacation, we just left all of them at home. Of course, Lily hasn't even missed them. What are we supposed to do with her- she just keeps growing up!


jocelyn031708 said...

Lily is growing up so fast. She is going to have to slow down some. I can't believe how much she has grown up in the 9 almost 10 months you have had her.

Happy New Year.


lillian08 said...

I tell Lilli, "I am going to put a brick on your head so you'll stop growing!" Of course, she has no idea what I'm talking about, but will repeat "brick" about 10 times to herself and giggle.
WOW!!! Potty training!! Go Lily, Go!! I'm impressed... Our girl isn't nearly to that stage!