Thursday, December 18, 2008

One more thing...

Lily has had some visitors over the last few days to bring her some presents. I just had to post these pictures before we take off. I wish we would have taken pictures the other night of Lily with her Aunt Lella (Ruella). She gave her an Elmo computer and a small Elmo and Ernie for her to carry around. Lily loves her very own computer!!! Then, her Aunt NeeNah (Trina) came over to give her this present... Lily is getting really good at unwrapping things now....She sees Elmo, and she is getting very curious...
Finally, here is Aunt Trina with Elmo Live. Lily loves this! He is hilarious, too. Can you tell that Elmo is Lily's favorite Sesame Street Character.
Then, this evening, Mrs. Cindy- her babysitter and her daughter, Tessa came over to bring Lily a present and spend some time with her. They have missed each other!
Mrs. Cindy got her a God's Little Princess Dress Up Set. How cute is she!!!She was very excited to see Tessa again, too! They played together for hours!
Now, we really are taking a break for the weekend! Have a terrific weekend everyone!