Saturday, December 27, 2008

Meeting Sophia

What a wonderful day! As you can see, Lily and Sophia really liked each other. Lily is normally so shy in new situations. It always takes her forever to warm up to people, especially children her own age. But, with Sophia, things were a bit different. Sophia is just beautiful. They were about the same heighth, but Lily was 5 pounds heavier. Sophia's tiny frame looked even tinier with Lily beside her. Sophia is 20 months old, while Lily is 19 months old. If you haven't seen her blog, click on the link to the left titled Simply Sophia in my bloglist.
We absolutely had the best time eating out with the girls, Susan, and Riz. It was such a blessing to be able to actually meet each other. The orphanage where our girls were is a very small one, and they only had 6 adoptions this year. Three of those were in our group. There is no way to know if our girls spent time together, but it is a big possibility since they were there at the same time.

Susan and Riz- Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon. We hope that we will be able to get together many more times in the future. It looks like a friendship is definitely in the making!


Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

We had a great time and are so glad that we had the chance to meet you all in person. Lily is a sweetheart. I just love those dimples. It was very sweet that she and Sophia hit it off so well. I see a friendship in the making for sure, for them and us...

jocelyn031708 said...

Loved the pictures. So glad that you had a great time. I think that your are right there is a great friendship in the making. I am so glad that you got to meet Sophia and her family.

Renee and Jocelyn

lillian08 said...

These pictures have melted my heart! Thank you for sharing...
How nice it was for you to finally meet up with Sophia's family!
You can tell that these girls remember one another... :o)
Love it!

Kevin and Kimberly said...

I am behind in blog comments, but I have enjoyed all of your postings about Christmas...glad you guys had a great one at the beach!!

So neat that you got to meet Susan, Riz and Sophia!! They are great! Enjoyed the pictures...the girls are destined to be friends, you can tell.

Happy New Year!!