Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lily's Covers

Here is our laughing Lily as she crawled up into the chair in the kitchen with Jo-Jo the other night. She laughed and laughed about this while Baba was fixing her milk. This is Lily's new thing that she has started doing. For over 8 months, Lily has hated covers in bed. I mean seriously hated. But, now, she crawls into bed at different times of the day, covers herself up, and gets the remote. It is really cracking us up! Of course, she is totally copying what we do at bedtime!
She also likes to play peek-a-boo with the covers!
I am doing better. My temperature keeps spiking at least once a day, and I can feel it as I get warmer and warmer. But, otherwise, I am moving around better. I am not going to start trying to pick Lily up quite yet due to the infection. But, she is really learning how to snuggle with me everywhere I go. She especially likes snuggling on the couch while we are watching tv. She hasn't really been interested in tv until now. I hope that I am not the cause of this new fascination! Thank you so much for all of the prayers, and thank you so much to all of the wonderful people from church who continue to bring us delicious meals! They are very much appreciated!


lillian08 said...

Hey girl...
I really love the picture of Lily playing peek-a-boo with the covers. She's so precious.
Have you had a culture done of the infection site, just to see what may be causing the infection? Worried about you and still praying for you everyday!
xo, Jen

Kevin and Kimberly said...

Still hoping you will continue to feel better!!

Love the picture of Lily laughing with your cat...precious!

Also, the one with her holding the remote in bed reminds me of our household - LOL!

jocelyn031708 said...

When Jocelyn has the remote she is not going to stay still. She runs!! I love the picture of her with the cat.

Hope you feel better real soon and that the infection is gone quickly.

My prayers are with you always.