Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from the beach!

Our Christmas Eve dinner was delicious! We had some pizza- one of Lily's new words. Good Morning- here is our Happy Birthday Jesus cookie cake!
Lily is still sleeping....
And she is smiling. Hmm... does she know she is about to get some presents?
The view from our balcony at 7 a.m.

We had some room service for breakfast- french toast with bananas and bacon.
It is about 8:30, and the sun is finally beginning to come up through the clouds.
Lily is completely fascinated with sitting on the balcony and staring at the beach. She keeps signing please to go back out again and again. Finally time to open presents!
Lily's first bag has lots of new books and an Abby Kadabby doll. Look at her big smile- she loves opening presents!
The next present is her first set of Legos with a kitty cat. She kept kissing the kitty cat lego piece over and over again.
Next, it is time for her third gift. This one kept her entertained for 45 minutes after she opened it. She loved marking on it and erasing it.

I started bothering her while she was playing with this and erasing everything she wrote. Then, a few minutes later, I started playing with it. She came running back over, and she erased what I wrote. Then, she looked at me and laughed aloud. Too smart!
It was finally time for the cookie cake. So, Lily wanted her own piece of course.
Here she is saying, "Mama". She is showing me that she has icing all over her finger.
She is all done with her piece of Jesus's birthday cookie! Yummo!
We will be playing around this morning, then we are headed over to Dyan's house to meet her Hannah. They have invited us for Christmas dinner. Have a wonderful day!

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Sylvia Malone said...

I can't believe how quickly Lily is growing and changing! She doesn't look like the same little girl! It is amazing! Thanks for sharing Lily's first Christmas. The pictures were precious. You'll have to keep the Abby Kadabby doll for her to give to her little girl someday. I have tried to keep a few of Heath and Walker's favorite toys over the years. With my luck they will have all girls and will never get to use them, but I am definately attached to the memories. Hope your Christmas was glorious!

Sylvia and the Boys