Thursday, December 25, 2008

Meeting Hannah

Dyan was my first ever friend. When I started going to Preschool at the age of 5, I met Dyan on the first day. I was scared to death, clinging to my Mom (so the story goes) when Dyan appeared out of nowhere and took my hand. She led me into one of the playrooms, and that was that. A bond and friendship was started that will never end. I haven't seen Dyan since her baby shower for her daughter, Hannah, which was over 2 years ago. So, we finally got to meet Hannah. Dyan's Mom invited us to their Christmas Dinner. So, here we are- together with our girls. Lily really liked Dyan's husband a.k.a. Hannah's Daddy. Chris read some stories to the girls and even took Lily out for a walk. She also went on a big ride with Mary K, Hannah's Nana. They rode in a wagon around the neighborhood. Lily had a blast!
Hannah was just adorable. She has the most gorgeous blue eyes! She and Lily were so cute together. At one point, they were in Hannah's room just talking to each other. It was like they were the oldest of friends.
Dyan was doing one of Lily's favorite things- coloring. So, both girls had to join in.
Thank you, Mary K., Mike, Dyan, Chris, and Hannah for a wonderful Christmas! We had the best day spending time with your family. We cannot wait to get together again!

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