Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lily's Latest Obsession: Hi-5

Lily discovered Hi-5 since I have been home with her. Now, she loves it! She was saying "again, again" and demanding that we turn it on as soon as she saw the tv every day. Finally, we have gotten her to say "cheeeese" (a.k.a. please) with a big smile. So, here she is doing her dancing moves with the Hi-5 kids. We enjoy her dancing performances every day!

Potty Training Update: We have gone 3 days with no tinkles in Lily's Dora panties until nighttime, of course, when she wears a diaper. She is doing so good!


jocelyn031708 said...

Lily is a wonderful dancer. She has so much fun and the smile on her face is priceless. Have a good week. BTW I love the new background on your blog.


Kevin and Kimberly said...

She definitely LOVES that show! Hannah hasn't found it yet, but I am gonna try it with her and see if she likes it.

I saw your comment on my blog about you guys coming to Disney in June!! GREAT!! We'd love to meet you for a day there!! Wouldn't miss it! We will have to email each other and get a day set!! It will be great to see you both and Lily again!!

kim :)

lillian08 said...

FANTASTIC VIDEOS! Lilli has a few of the DVD's... LOVES Hi-5 too! We use to watch it every morning on TLC until they took it off a couple of months ago. It still plays on Discovery Kids, but we don't have that channel... :O(
Hope y'all are doing well!
xo, Jen