Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lily's First Day with Alice

Lily had her first day with her new sitter today. Of course, we were worried, but we know that God allows all things to happen for His good- and today for Lily's good, too. She had a wonderful day! She only cried for a few minutes this morning, and that was it! She even made a stinky on the potty for Alice, and she only had to use one pull-up all day long! She is in a great mood, and we asked her if she had a good day with Alice. She shook her head, yes, and said, "Alice!" while continuing to shake her head yes. It was really cute! She did not want to take a nap, but Alice knew just how to handle that- and she got her to sleep without any drama. She also talked for Alice today, too. All of these things are just major blessings because Lily has been known to shut down in new situations. So, thank you for your prayers! I hope that tomorrow will be another super day for Lily!

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