Tuesday, January 6, 2009


My wonderful new friend, Susan, tagged me. The way this one works is I have to open the 4th picture folder on my computer and post the 4th picture in the folder and describe what is pictured.
Okay, Susan, is this not a little funny! If you check out Susan's blog here http://wwwchinaladybug.blogspot.com/ - you will see that her 4th picture is a picture of her with her daughter, Sophia. When I checked my folders, this was our fourth picture!
This was the third day that we had Lily. We were up early in the morning, and we were ready to see an actual Chinese village. This was the first day that Lily woke up without crying for her Nanny. She was so happy! We felt like a real family for the first time on this day. Lily was showing her happy, smiling personality to us. This day was such a present to us, and it is so wonderful to remember the emotions of this day. I can't believe that in 13 more days, we will have had Lily for 10 whole months. The time has truly flown by!
Thank you Susan for tagging me! What a wonderful memory to share again!!!
Here are my four friends- you are officially tagged!!!


Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

Stephanie, i Love it! it was fun to relive those moments wasn't it? Look how little Lily was WOW! I also Love that your room looked EXCATLY like ours at the Galactic Peace International Hotel LOL I never get tired of saying that...LOL...


lillian08 said...

I will do this first thing in the morning for Thursday post. I had already posted my Wordless Wednesday post before I read your message saying I had been tagged.
There is NO TELLING what picture it'll be... so it should be interesting!!
I never get tired of seeing that happy picture of you with Miss Lily!! What a happy moment and wonderful shot to memorialize your first days together as a family!!

Life Thru The Lens said...
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Life Thru The Lens said...

Ok after I messed the other comment up... I love that picture! Seems like forever ago.

jocelyn031708 said...

Thanks Stephanie, I was able to relive a wonderful day with my daughter with being "tagged". I was a bit paniced at to what the picture would be but I was able to laugh and smile when I found the picture.

Thanks again