Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lily's New Do

This week has been extremely hectic. Our sitter is really, really sick. So, Aunt Ruella has taken care of Lily since school started back. Of course, we have had some separation anxiety issues since I had been home so long. So, we have had night terrors to deal with. But, this week, Lily is used to the schedule, and she adores her Aunt "Rella". So, things have been better. Please pray for our sitter, though. I am afraid something is majorly wrong, and we are worried about having to find someone else to care for Lily. You know how stressful that was last time for Lily. But, God is in charge....

So, onto the cute news- Lily went to get a real haircut today. She had gone twice before for little trims, but today was the big haircut day. Her layers are growing out, and her bangs were so thick. So, our hairdresser suggested that we get rid of most of them. I read another fellow blogger's blog the other day about how her daughter's bangs grew from the back of her neck. It is so true. Lily's hair was all bangs!
But, now, we are off to some sort of a hairstyle for my princess. We are still longingly waiting for the day when he can cut it into a bob-style. (It is almost there!) But, for now, we are going to let all of the old bangs grow out and meet up with the rest of her hair.

She really likes her new cut! So, does Mama and Baba. She is really going to get tired of me telling her daily that I wish Mama's hair could look just like hers. It is so shiny, thick, and beautiful. Not at all what I was given. But, I am thankful for the hairs I have at this point, especially since so many of them are turning a terrible color all of a sudden!


jocelyn031708 said...

I LOVE Lily's new do. It is absolutely precious. I wish Jocelyn had enough hair to get cut. It is growing sooo slowly. Maybe it will start growing soon.
My prayers are with you and Jamie in regards to your babysitter and I will pray for her health as well.


lillian08 said...

She looks GORGEOUS darling!
I'll be praying for your sitter...
Thanks for sending in a message nominating Linny for EHM... Can't think of better folks, nor more deserving!!!

Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

I love it i love it I love it... Her hair is so cute.. I laughed so hard when I read about bangs growing from the back of her neck. That is Sophia's hair for sure. Lily looks so proud of her new hair style.

We will be thinking of her caregiver and praying everything is OK.