Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prayers needed...

Yes, I know she looks really happy. But, we are adjusting to our new situation. I believe this is the last change in Lily's sitter that we can all possibly handle. Lily is basically herself, except at night since the night terrors are back. They appear every time we have had to find a new sitter. These are the same night terrors that we experienced with Lily in China when we had no idea how to handle them or what to do. Of course, now, we are experts on the subject. But, it does not make it any easier to watch her go through this separation anxiety issue. So, we have about 10 more days of sleepless nights to go through. She also has a defense mechanism of completely shutting down in the mornings and afternoons as we make the exchange of my beautiful daughter. But, when we are in the car on the home, Lily returns. She smiles, laughs, and talks just like normal. She is doing great when she is actually with our new sitter. That is a blessing. Once we get through the next few weeks, she will begin to show her true personality and take down the barrier that she puts up when she feels like someone has left her. I just can't believe we have had to find 5 different sitters. I do know this- God knows what He is doing. I will trust in Him through all of this. The one thing Lily does know- Mama and Baba are always still here. I know that is all that really matters.


jocelyn031708 said...

My prayers are with you and I have added you to our prayer chain at church. Keep remembering that God is always in control and although we may not understand why we must keep the faith.

Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog. I was glad to do it.

Love Ya,


Kevin and Kimberly said...

Sorry to hear things aren't going well..Bless her heart...

Sending prayers as well for Lily.

I hope things get better very soon!

Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

Aw Stephanie and Jamie

I am so sorry that Lily is having a difficult transition to the new sitter. i know this can't be easy on any of you but especially her. We will keep praying for her and for you. You are her constant right now and you will help her adjust to the change.


lillian08 said...

Playing catch up with your blog post, so forgive me. I didn't know about Lily's night terrors... I will pray, pray, pray! Please keep me posted on her progress! Hope things get better soon!