Monday, February 2, 2009

Lily's First Real Snow

This snow came as a huge surprise today! The weather forecast had said it was coming, then they changed their predictions. It was such a blessing for Lily.
She and Baba got to have some time in the snow together.
I loved taking these pictures!
He was showing her how to make snowballs... and throw them at Mama!
When she stood in the snow for the first time today, she was squealing with glee. It was the sweetest thing ever to witness. She said the word snow in a sing-songy way half of the way home from school, until she fell asleep.
Thank you so much for the prayers for Lily and her anxiety issues. She cried, kicked, and screamed this morning as I put her in Alice's car. The night terrors continued this weekend. Some very close friends have expressed concern over her new fears and actions they have seen. It is just good to know that others notice what is going on with her. At home, she is fine when she is awake. She is her normal, happy, giggly self. Please keep praying that this adjustment takes place quickly for Lily.


Anonymous said...

Oh that is the cutest jacket ever! Our Savannah just had her first snow romp recently (we just moved from Florida to KY) and had a similar reaction. She also used to had night terrors and major anxiety. She would go into hysterics when another woman even walked into our home. I could have never imagined day care, or leaving her at church for play, etc.. A year later, things are so much better!! Hang in there! :)

lillian08 said...

Wonderful pics! I am so glad that Lily go to finally experience her "first real snow". They are predicting snow again for us tonight... I don't feel like I am in eastern NC anymore.
Hope you are well... Miss you!

jocelyn031708 said...

Love the pictures. Lily looks precious in her coat. I think baba had just as much fun as Lily did. Every picture of you or Jamie the smile is bigger and bigger. I know that is because Lily is making you happier every day just by being Lily.


Kevin and Kimberly said...

Beautiful pictures...I love her little purple coat! It looks like she had a lot of fun in the snow with her daddy!

Enjoy the snow!

Kim :)