Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sunday School & Aunt Trina's Presents

We donated some of Lily's toys to our Sunday School class at church. She has way too many, so we knew she needed to share. So, now, she is playing with her toys at church which she hardly ever played with at home.
By the way- did you notice how her shirt matches the blog background? I think I finally found one that I really love, so hopefully, it won't be changing anymore.
Here is the normal Lily look that strangers receive when she first meets them. Her social delays had really gotten worse since we had another change in her daycare. But, not to worry. Things have been wonderful this week. NO MORE night terrors, and Lily loves Alice. I mean LOVES! She has bonded with her quickly, and she is so happy. She has gone straight to her this week, and she even talks about her at home. Hopefully, all of these changes will finally bring about some stability for our baby. She definitely needs it. Only 14 more weeks and 2 more days of school (but whose counting, right?). So, not too much longer until she spends every day with her Mama and her Aunt Suzette!
Aunt Trina gave Lily some Valentine's presents. She gave her this kitty and 2 books. The 3 presents went everywhere with us yesterday- even to the potty. That was really funny...
Here she is reading another one of Aunt Trina's books. She is still obssessed with kitties. So, Aunt Trina knew the purrfect present for Lily!


jocelyn031708 said...

Love the pictures. So glad to hear that the presents from Aunt Trina have made Lily feel better and more secure. Also so glad to hear that Lily and Alice are doing so well together.


Kevin and Kimberly said...

Great pictures! So glad that Lily is doing better. That sweet little sad face in that picture just melts your heart!

I like your new background!!

lillian08 said...

Isn't it nice to have Aunties like Aunt Trina?!! Lilli is blessed to have several in her life too. Some are related & some adopted, but all very, very special!
Her shirt really does match the new blog design. Did you do that on purpose? :o) Love it!
We miss y'all and have continued to keep each of you in our prayers.
xo, Jen