Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This time last year...

On February 25th, 2008- we had just received our travel dates. We also found out that our travel dates had been moved up! We were leaving earlier than we had thought for China- in 16 days! I remember packing again and again over the next two weeks. We thought those 16 days were the longest days of our lives! In only 21 more days- we would be holding Lily in our arms for the first time!

Back to February 25, 2009......I hope you enjoyed the video! I just love hearing her giggling and laughter every night with Baba! He always gets her so tickled!


jocelyn031708 said...

Love the video. Her giggle is soo sweet. I was in a worried state at this time a year ago. Due to some misinformation my travel approval was delayed and I wasn't sure that I would travel with my group. Luckily that was straightened out and I was able to travel with you.


Kevin and Kimberly said...

The video is precious! I remember finding out how fast we would be leaving for China, and how much in a panic I was to get everything ready. I just couldn't fathom that we were going to China in 2 weeks. I was terrified - LOL!

I am still so glad we ended up in the same travel group :)

I love your new pics on your sidebar!