Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Glimpse

Our weekend in Kentucky was wonderful! Lily had the best time visiting family. It is late, and we have just gotten home. But, my Aunt Sharon has already emailed me some pictures she took of Lily today. So, I thought I would post these. Then, I will post some more tomorrow. For those of you who knew my Mom, the first picture might really bring tears to your eyes. My Aunt Sharon and my Mom were so much alike. This picture makes me think of how things could have been for Lily if Mom wouldn't have taken off to Heaven quite so early. I love Lily spending time with Aunt Sharon because she is the closest that Lily will ever get to knowing someone like my Mom- her Nana Claire. Aunt Sharon and Uncle Tom have a beautiful home. Aunt Sharon always decorates her house beautifully for Christmas. Lily loved looking at her themed Christmas trees...
She really loved that Aunt Sharon let her touch the Gingerbread Tree.
Here is a picture of Lily with her two cousins, Wyatt and Alex.

Lily is discovering the Music Tree in this photo.


jocelyn031708 said...

Love the pictures of Lily with the decorated Christmas trees in the background. I know that your mom is smiling in heaven at the family you have become just as my dad is smiling at the family we have become. Our daughters have the best guardian angels that there are.


Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

I love this post. The pictures are so great and Lily looks so sweet in front of the trees. My Dad is also gone and I miss him dearly at this time of year and now with Sophia I miss him even more. Renee is right our daughters have the best guardian angels watching over them..

Happy Holidays

lillian08 said...

What wonderful photos... Aunt Sharon MUST be a wonderful! I only know this, because in meeting you... you have to be a reflection of your Mom. And you are so very precious to all three of us!
Love you,