Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baba, Lily, and Jo-Jo

This is a picture from Monday after school. Lily fell asleep in the car- and she continued to sleep on Baba for about an hour when we got home. I just thought it was sweet that he had his first baby, Jambalaya, on his lap, too. Look how happy he is! Lily and Jamie have this thing they do every morning before we leave for school. I don't think I've mentioned this before. When he puts Lily in her carseat, he gets "Lily-kisses" first, then butterfly kisses next, then eskimo kisses, and then he gets Lily-kisses again and again and again. It is pretty cute! I love seeing their kissing routine every day! Lily just laughs and laughs after every set of kisses!
Come back tomorrow for pictures of Lily's first real haircut from my hairdresser; pictures of Lily doing things around the house; and pictures of her first babydoll which was a present from the O'Malley family.

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lillian08 said...

Oh... I love these picture of Jamie with Lily & Jo-Jo... but I just have to ask! How much does Jo-Jo weigh? That is one seriously BIG kitty cat! (Please, no offense Jo-Jo!)
Lily looks so makes me want to go take a nap right now!