Sunday, November 2, 2008

Matchy Patchy

Why did we ever worry about Lily and the sippy cup? Clearly, time is all she needed. Our doctor had told us to feed her from her bottle until she was 18 months old simply for bonding purposes. So, a few months ago, Jamie just decided that we should stop trying to make her drink out of a sippy cup until this month. Over the last two months, she has learned how to drink from a straw and our bottled waters. So, needless to say, when we started giving her a sippy cup again- it was no problem. However, Lily still really enjoys still being held when she is drinking her milk twice a day. Okay- do you notice the matching outfits and UGG boots. I just can't help myself. I love to find clothes for us that are the same. I like for Baba to match, too! On Christmas Eve, we have always worn the same outfits. So, this year, Lily will get to match us, too!
Pretty soon- our hair will match, too! We are trying to let Lily's bangs grow out and then we are going to cut her hair into a little bob! It will be a longer bob, but that is her Baba's favorite haircut.

I guess I am only missing the purple flower bow! I will have to work on that one....


lillian08 said...

Oh, so cute! Stephanie... you are such a good Mommy! I love the matching outfits! Lily just keeps getting prettier & prettier!!!
...And by the way, you always beam in the pictures you take with her. :o) Love is a beautiful thing!!!
p.s. - Lilli got her first haircut last night... BY ME & I didn't do a good job like Jamie! She looks like a boy! :o( Pictures to come on the blog soon!

Kevin and Kimberly said...

I love the idea you have always had about matching outfits! I think it is so sweet and I always enjoy your pictures of you two matching.

I can't wait until Hannah's hair gets long enough to put in a clip to the side!!

Sophia's Mama said...

So cute AI love the boots so cute