Sunday, November 23, 2008

Please Pray for Lily!

Lily has been sick since Friday from the antibiotic that she was given to fix her chronic sinus infection. She has had constant diarrhea, no appetite, and she cannot sleep for long periods of time. She is also very irritable which is not at all like her. She is also running a fever. We have taken her off of that medicine, and we will be starting on the much stronger antibiotic today. Please pray for her. It has been a rough weekend for us.


jocelyn031708 said...

I am sending prayers your way. I am sorry that she is having such a reaction to the antibiotic she was given. I hope you and Lily and Jamie are able to get some sleep and that the new antiobiotic works quickly.


lillian08 said...

Prayers are going up, up, up!
I am so sorry you are going thru this. Lilli just completed her zithromax antibiotics and we pray and hope they will keep the cold at bay. Lilli's augmentin was making her sick... perhaps changing Lily's meds will do the trick. When we changed Lilli's meds, things changed almost immediately. Once the doctor's find Lily's "magic combination"... all will be wonderful!!
We will keep praying for your sweetie. Iknow how moserable you feel... not being able to help her.
((hugs)) to you!

Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

OMgosh I will be prying for her. i hope she is feeling better soon..