Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pineapples, Touchdowns, and Purses

I guess we will start off with purses. Last night, after bathtime, Lily found my stash of purses. I actually sold a lot of my purses on Ebay before we got Lily to raise money for her adoption. But, I kept a few just for her to play with. So, like her Mama, she already loves purses! It was hilarious watching her put these on. I also use a Vera Bradley ID container for my wallet. Lily found another one, and she was trying and trying to see what was inside. She was upset when she opened it and found nothing. She enjoys going through mine to find my insurance card, credit card, and driver's license. She has just started getting it and pointing to my driver's license- then she will say "Mama, Mama." She will just grin when she looks at me. That is her new thing now- seeing pictures of the three of us and telling us who we are. Every time we pass by the fridge, we have to stop and go through the pictures.
Onto Touchdowns... We are a serious football family. Every Saturday, we watch GameDay, and we go into mourning when football season is over. We weren't sure how football would fit into our schedule with Lily- but she loves it! As soon as she sees it on tv, she says touchdown! She also says touchdown at the correct time, too. When we get excited about our teams scoring- she gets excited and she cheers, too. So, Jamie was feeding her some pineapples (for the first time) on Thursday night, and football came on. She immediately looked at the tv, and she said touchdown! See, she is in the middle of eating a pineapple- look at her juicy lips!
Here she is actually eating a bite! She loves pineapples and bananas. So far, those are her two favorite fruits that she cannot seem to live without. She asks for a "nana" every night.

Here is an actual video of her saying touchdown, then watch closely as she signs the word "please" for more pineapples, then she blows kisses at the tv!


Kevin and Kimberly said...

Cute video!!

Love the picture of her carrying all the purses...

Have a good weekend!!

Geri said...

Your daughter Lily is adorable. How precious. Looks like pineapples and touchdowns do go together after all. I hope you were feeding her organic pineapple. If you're interested here's why