Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lots of Pictures!

For whatever reason, I have been taking loads of pictures the past couple of days. I guess I am just trying to capture every moment on film. First of all, here are some pictures of Lily's first real haircut. He just trimmed the back, but he is going to trim a little bit at a time when I have my hair cut. She was so good. She sat so still as if she had been through this a million times before.
Here is another shot of her hair while she is holding her favorite thing in the world- a book!

Here is a good picture of the back part while she is getting ready to bring us books to read to her. This is our daily ritual around 5 o'clock. We read for at least an hour, usually much longer.

These are just some pictures of her being a copy cat in the kitchen.

I wish you could see her cute, Chinese kitty shirt. She still has it on in the bottom pictures, but she just refused to be still for me to get a good picture of it. But, she loved it. She kept pointing at her belly and saying cat.

This is a perfect Lily moment. She smiles constantly, and I finally caught her with a big grin on her face.

She is helping us in the kitchen. She is going to open up the pantry door to help throw garbage away in the trashcan.

She has gotten really good at throwing things away. We can just ask her to do this, and she manages to get everything in the garbage.

Here she is with another obsession- the dishwasher. She loves helping us load and unload this piece of machinery. Her favorite thing is to get out her own spoons and forks.

She is closing it for us, and she makes sure it is completely shut before she can move onto something else.

Here is an actual picture of her helping with the dishes in the dishwasher. Lily is the best helper!
Here is Lily's first babydoll. It is Chinese babydoll who looks a lot like Lily. The O'Malley family got this doll for Lily long before she ever came home. She absolutely loves her.

She puts her little babydoll in the grocery cart, and she walks around and around stopping every once in awhile to give her little kisses- just like we do to Lily when we go grocery shopping.
Just a picture of her pushing her cart.

This shows how much she loves her babydoll!
CAT FACTS for Jen- Jambalaya (a.k.a. Jo-Jo to Lily) actually weighs 14 pounds. She looks a bit bigger in the picture with Lily and Jamie. She is also 14 years old. :0)


jocelyn031708 said...

Love the pictures. Jocelyn loves the dishwasher also. Although she keeps putting her cuppie that I just gave her in there. Love the haircut. Wish Jocelyn had enough hair to cut. Soon I know.


The Davis Family said...

it always amazes me the mothering instinct that the Lord places in little girls...I see that every day in Mallory and how she loves on her dolls and really everything and everyone. Lily is really a cutie!

lillian08 said...

Wonderful pictures... Thanks for the cat facts on "Jo-Jo"! I'm going to call your cat Jo-Jo like Lily, because I can't spell Jambal... (uh) can you finish spelling it for me! :O)

Kevin and Kimberly said...

Enjoyed all the pictures!

I think it is so sweet that she loves her doll so much already! Hannah just ignores dolls right now - LOL!!

Love the bow in her hair too!