Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eating with Baba

Lily is just growing like a weed! She has only gained 5 pounds since we brought her home from China, and she is still in size 3 diapers. She was in size 2 for a short while when we brought her home, but quickly moved on to size 3 and that is where she has stayed. She just keeps getting taller! She is now wearing 12-18 month tops most of the time, but she has to have 18-24 pants for the heighth. We have to buy things that have extra buttons to make them smaller in the waist, otherwise we have to roll the tops of the pants over again and again to try to make them fit properly.
Doesn't she look like a little doll!
Tomorrow is our 18 month Doctor's appointment. I am hoping and praying Lily will do well. We bought her a Dr's kit to take with her, and we have been pretending Dr. for awhile now. I will let you know how the visit goes tomorrow...
Here are a few videos from bathtime a few days ago. I just hadn't had time to post them since it takes a few extra minutes for the videos to load. In the first video, you can hear Lily saying Thank you, which we think is adorable. Of course, this is not a new word for her. It was actually the first word she learned, and she learned to say it in China. We must have really had lots of manners when we were there! It is also really cute when she starts to tell me No! at the end of this video because I am not giving her what she wants in the bathtub.

The next video is not the best thing that Lily does---she enjoys drinking her bathwater. It is just really funny!

The last video shows just how much she loves her bathwater!!

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lillian08 said...

Good luck at Lily's appointment... I love the videos of bathtime too!
...And yes, she does look like a doll! What a beauty!!!