Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Update on Lily's Dr. Visit

We took Lily to the doctor today for her 18 month visit. I wondered why they had scheduled the appointment when she isn't 18 months yet, but I just figured that didn't really matter since she will be 18 months in a couple of weeks. Anyway, I was right. When we got there, the doctor came in to talk with us about the mix-up of scheduling the shots too early. She asked if there was anything else we needed to talk about, and we said that we did want to see what she thought about Lily's chronic cough. Over the past 2 1/2 months, we have had Lily in and out of the doctor's office and on 2 rounds of amoxicillon, daily doses of singular and claritin, along with cough medicine. Finally, the snotty part cleared up, but the cough has stuck around. She checked her ears, throat, and lungs. She said everything looked and sounded good, but she was still concerned about that cough. The visit was the best yet between Lily and her doctor. Dr. Ermer was the best ever! We took Lily's medical kit, and Dr. Ermer took the time to play with Lily and let Lily use her kit. Dr. Ermer commented that Lily had really changed since the last time she had seen her which was a couple of months ago- meaning that she was much more social and more trusting now.
Anyway, her doctor sent us to the hospital for an x-ray to make sure that Lily's sinus passages are okay. That was definitely an experience. They said I had to hold her down on the table while I had my big x-ray apron on and Lily was yelling, "Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama". She really did well, though. At the last minute, she turned her head upward right toward the x-ray machine, and the picture was perfect. So, we only had to do one. Jamie was standing in the back of the room watching them take the picture, and he actually got to see it. He thought it was really cool! We won't actually have any news about the results until tomorrow afternoon. I am really looking forward to knowing why Lily still has this cough.
I will post some new pictures tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

our little chick swallowed a penny a while back and we had to do an xray bc we never found it...worst thing ever! as soon as i put on that apron she started running for the door and screamed the whole time!

praying that little Lily is all good on the xray!

jocelyn031708 said...

Glad to hear that you were able to get the xray on the first try. Lily sounds so grown up already. Sounds like Lily is becoming more comfortable and secure when her mama and baba are around. Keep up the great job you are doing as mom and dad.


lillian08 said...

Praying for sweet Lily and for y'all to get good news!
That X-Ray story is a nightmare! I hope I don't have to experience that anytime soon.
It sounds like sinus drainage tickling Lily's throat??
((hugs)) to all 3 of you!
xo, Jen