Thursday, November 13, 2008

X-ray News

First, I had to show you some pictures from yesterday. We got to spend the morning together until we had to go to her doctor's appointment. As soon as she was up, the first thing she wanted to do was dust. It was so cute. Those pictures are at the bottom. Then, she wanted to play with her kitchen. So, we played for about 2 hours with the kitchen. Finally, I fed her lunch, and I put her clothes on for the appointment. At that point we headed back downstairs- and guess where Lily wanted to go.... back to the kitchen! I am so glad that she loves it! Here she is turning the knobs while she cooking something good!Here she is putting her pan on the stove.

Here are the pictures of her dusting...

Onto the x-ray news---The doctor called Jamie back today, and she said that if Lily were her daughter, she would take her to our allergist. So, the doctor's office made the call today to get Lily in quickly. The x-ray showed that Lily's maxillary sinuses are messed up. One of them is completely clear, and the other one is inflamed and stopped up with mucus. Basically, that is why she has been coughing at night and after naptime, and why she gags on all of the mucus in her little body. They said that it isn't life threatening, but it needs to be taken care of soon. However, I have been doing some reading about this on the computer. I read that this infection is just a place waiting for the flu, strep, or some other bacteria to come in and live. No wonder we have not been able to get her well!
I am very thankful that we took her to the doctor yesterday. I know that God made sure they made that mistake with her shots for a reason. I am so glad that He is always in charge!!!


jocelyn031708 said...

I am glad to hear that you have found the cause of her chronic cough and that it isn't life threatening. God is now and always in control. I am so glad that they were able to get her in so quickly also.

Do you think she can give Jocelyn some pointers on the fine art of dusting. Looking at the pictures I can tell she is a pro.


lillian08 said...

Good grief... First Lilli with chicken pox, then Jocelyn with a bad cold and now the news about Miss Lily! Our girls must be channeling each other's "sickey vibes"!!
I am glad that the doctor gave you good advice. She sounds awesome!! I agree with her too... to the allergist!!!
I have a feeling that Lily will be feeling better in no time. We will pray for her!
Cute pics too!!
XO's all around,