Monday, April 6, 2009

The Zoo- Part 2

These pictures are from the petting zoo. She did not like this part at all last summer, but Saturday was a completely different story. She wanted to brush those goats forever!

Once we left the zoo, it took about 2 minutes until this happened... She was worn out from our exciting day! She got to pick one thing from the gift shop, which she is getting so good at- and she chose this little purple penguin. She held a few other stuffed animals, but looked them over and handed them back to us. (One was a purple monkey and a purple panda) Then, she wanted this penguin. She held it, smiled really big, and hugged it close. Then, she said, "Mama" in that tone that said this is what I want. I said, "Give it to Baba, and he will buy it for you." She handed it right over. I am glad that she is learning about this whole shopping thing really early!


Anonymous said...

we have a little pink penguin just like that! Glad that you had such a super day. Can't believe how big Lily is getting! We really need to get these girls together sometime soon!

jocelyn031708 said...

I love the pictures of Lily brushing the goats. That is so cool. Boy was she wore out after her fun filled day at the zoo. I LOOOVVE the purple penguin as that is also my favorite color.