Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Zoo- Part 1

This expression is what we saw all afternoon... We took Lily to the zoo last summer, and she loved it. However, she had no words at the time to express herself like she did yesterday.
She was amazed by this waterfall when we first walked in. She kept pointing to it and saying, "Mama- Baba". She wanted us to see it, too.
Then, we started walking down one path. We had been telling her all morning we were going to the zoo. She was so excited. She kept saying "the zoo" over and over again. We looked for all of the signs and talked about them in the car as we passed them. The letters Z and O are two that she knows, so she knew where the signs were.
Before we even got to an exhibit, there was a lady holding a fox. Lily was smiling from ear to ear as she got to gently pet this fox. The lady was so sweet. I wish I could have gotten on the other side for the picture. Jamie said Lily was grinning in disbelief.
When we left that area, a common phrase continued that lasted the rest of the day at the zoo, "More fox, more fox" Lily said. Next came the camels. When we walked away, "More camel, more camel." Then, came the zebras. "More zeba, more zeba." You get the point, right. Well, a little later came the cats. Can you imagine? You know how much Lily loves cats...
I will post more pictures of the zoo tomorrow. Have a blessed Sunday!

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lillian08 said...

I love it! How precious! Miss Lily is sooooo smart! :o)
XO, Jen