Saturday, April 25, 2009

No way, Mama!!!

Well, I just keep trying... Lily finally let me put her hair in ponytails-
For about 30 seconds!

Yes, there were tears- followed by these exact words, "No way, Mama! No way!" Then, she added, "Like Liana's!" We will take some pictures of her hair like Liana's so you can see them.
By the way, Lily got really dirty again yesterday and today. Yesterday, I let her blow bubbles all by herself- she dumped the entire bottle all over her. It was really funny! Wish I would have had the camera. Then, today, we took her to the Regional Park. Her feet were nasty! Lily couldn't even stand it! She told us she needed wipes for her feet as soon as we got in the car! :0)


Mary McG in TN said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.

Mary McG
in TN

jocelyn031708 said...

How cute is she in those pigtails!! I can tell that she wants hair like Lianas though. Isn't it great how much our daughters are changing right before our eyes. It's also kind of sad too. They grow up so fast.


Jonda said...

What thick hair she has! At our house, we call those 'wingies'. John's grandpa always referred to them as 'angel's wings', hence the nickname.

Sarah is starting to prefer them since it keeps her hair out of her eyes.

She is adorable either way!

Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

This is the same reaction I get from Sophia when I try to do her hair. I did manange to get her toenails painted tho...LOL