Monday, April 27, 2009

Ruth and Paul

My Mom's sister, my Aunt Ruth, came to visit on Sunday. Uncle Paul came with her. Lily had the best time playing with them.
Paul taught her how to let her kitty ride her cow. She thought he was hilarious.
Lily loved spending time with both of them! She enjoyed showing Ruth around the house. Of course, Ruth's favorite place is outside- like Suzette's- and Lily's! I guess she got that from them.
She thinks it is funny when she tells me to sit in her lap. So, we were pretending that she was holding me.
Lily loved telling Paul to "Sit, sit". She had the best day with her Great Aunt and Uncle. Thank you for coming! We loved having you!


jocelyn031708 said...

So glad your aunt and uncle got to visit. What a great time was had by all. I love the picture of her "pulling" her kitty. What a sense of humor our daughters have.


lillian08 said...

Sounds like Aunt Ruth and Uncle Paul are wonderful! What a nice visit for everyone... xo
His, Jen