Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Hunting...

Lily saw the egg, and she pointed at it. She then said, " Baba, Poppa, Nana" as she waited for someone else to pick it up for her.
Here, she is all about the business of getting the eggs in her basket, but no so much about the actual task of picking them up. Well, they were on the ground.... and you know she is my daughter.
Here, her cousin Ashley and Baba are showing her where one of the eggs is laying. See how she is just standing there....waiting for someone else to pick it up. At one point, she even let people carry the basket around for her.
Do you see those fingers and that grip that her feet have to the soil? She did not want to pick any of the eggs up. Of course, eventually, everyone talked her into it. She picked up one of the real eggs, and she turned it over- just to see some dirt on it. She gently laid it back down where she got it. Her Poppa picked it up and wiped the dirt off, then he handed it to her. She placed it in her basket. Apparently, we won't be winning any egg hunting contests in the future.
She really did have a great time spending the day with family. When I was little, my Mom used to have the egg hunts inside the house for me. We are going to do a special one for Lily this week inside the house, too, since she is obsessed with eggs now. I know she will enjoy looking for them throughout the house where she can actually touch things. In only a little over a year, we have managed to completely ruin her! It is so much fun!

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Sophia's Mama and Baba said...

That is so adorable I just love Lily...