Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Part 4....The sand

Liana is leading Lily into the sandy area at the park.
At first, she stands there, and she seems to be deciding what to do next. Normally, she doesn't touch anything on the ground.
Then, she squatted down and started to play with the sand- just small grains of sand at first.
Liana was burying her feet while Lily was discovering this new stuff.
Marah and Lily found Liana's shoes and they used them as shovels. They had the best time.
I wish we would have had some video at the restaurant later that evening. Lily and Liana sat beside each other. They ate off of each other's plates, they giggled constantly, and they smooched on each other over and over again. Liana also fed Lily for awhile, too. They were so cute.
Tomorrow, I have some pictures of the girls at the water fountain. Yes, it was another first for Lily.

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Jonda said...

It looks like you had a great visit with David and Beth! It is so nice to see photos of their girls and how much they have grown.

It is nice to see people staying in touch! We live so far away from everyone else!

Happy Spring!