Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Part 3...The Nature Walk

After playing on the playground, Lily followed Liana over to the grassy area. Liana picked up a stick, so Lily picked one up to and started running.
Here she is just as happy as can be watching her new friends.
Jamie and I are learning about sand spurs in this photo. We had no idea what those were, so David and Beth were teaching us a bit about life in their part of the woods. :0)
Liana was enjoying being carried around by Jamie--
We were walking across a bridge, but the girls kept stopping to see things in the water. This time, I think they had found a turtle or some lily pads... whatever it was- they were loving it.
Marah was getting in on the action, too. They were discovering everything.
Lily and Marah took a walking break for a moment on their Father's shoulders.
We were on this bridge that overlooked the waterfall. The girls found a baby caterpillar. They sat their and watched this caterpillar forever.
Here we are continuing our nature walk. Notice Lily's hand... in Liana's.
This is my favorite picture. I just love this picture of the girls hand-in-hand with their shadows behind them. Lily has never responded to a child the way she has with Liana. They clicked so quickly.
Come back tomorrow for pictures of the fun in the sand!

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Parents, Kids & Schnoodles - oh my! said...

The pictures of them looking over the dock into the water are so precious! Should go into some kind of Earth Day or outdoors magazine! Ahh, spring has sprung!