Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Walking and Talking (with a video)

Lily is walking like crazy! She will find something to hold onto, and then you better watch out- because here she comes!
She will start walking right toward you, and then...
Get ready for a BIG LILY-HUG! That is how she ends every walking session. She gives a big hug to whoever she is walking to!
The video below is from last week. She took a few steps, but the part we wanted to share is where she just talks and talks. She does this most of the day to anyone who will listen. I can't wait until we actually understand what she is saying!

1 comment:

lillian08 said...

Okay... so the video of Miss Lily just made me tear up a little. What a BIG GIRL!!!! I think your Lily and our Lilli are on the same exact track developmentally!
Is everything in your home "toddler-proofed" yet?? Cause if not... My, oh my!!
Love to all three of you... from the three of us!