Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Glimpse into the Walking World

Lily is really taking off these days. It is so cool how you watch your child learn how to crawl, then learn how to pull up, then all of sudden- they start walking. Now, she just stands up in the middle of the room and takes off. We caught a couple of walking moments on video, so I just had to share them. She also just learned how to work puzzles in the last few days. We have been working them for her for months, and over the weekend, she just started putting pieces back in place as though she had been doing it all of her life. Now, if the sippy cup would just be that easy... We will just keep trying! :0)

She has also learned how to pick up her big purple ball, and she can walk a little bit while holding it! She is fine when she falls at the end, so don't worry. She was back up in seconds walking around with her ball again. (Aunt Suzette is talking in the background.)

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lillian08 said...

Yep... Lily and Lilli ARE right on track with one another! Wow!! They even look a little bit alike... except your Lily has beautiful hair and our Lilli (bless her heart) needs to look into getting some Rogaine.
Have a blessed Wednesday!
Love y'all,