Monday, July 28, 2008

A Family-Filled Weekend

We spent the weekend with lots of family. We started out stopping by Jamie's Grandparents house on the way to see my family. Lily had a blast. She laughed and giggled with Mama Mary, Papa Marvin, and Aunt Pam. She had the best time with them. She showed them the "real Lily", instead of being super shy the whole time. She let everyone hold her, and she followed them around the house. When it was time to leave, she whined to go back to Mary. It was so sweet! Then, we drove to Kentucky. Dad (Lily's Pop) and Mammow were so happy to see her. They met us at the car with open arms. She went straight to them, and she knew exactly who they were.
The picture above shows us ready to go to my Mom's family reunion. Pop took the picture.
Here is another family photo on the farm. Pop loves flowers, so they are everywhere. Lily loved being outside with him looking at all of the butterflies and flowers that surrounded the yard.
Here Pop is teaching Lily how to drive. (He is actually just waiting for us to load the car for our trip to the reunion.)
We did a horrible job taking pictures at the family get-together. But, I did manage to get this picture of Lily walking through the grass with Baba. My Mom's whole family gathered at my Uncle Donnie's house. Lily was really shy outside, but once we went inside- she remembered being there. She took off. She walked all the way down the carpeted hallway to lots of applause. She also wanted to crawl up the stairs. I let her one time, then Aunt Ruth took her up the second time. She just babbled and giggled. She made herself at home with everyone. She was really good, and we were so proud of her. We did not do well with the picture-taking because we were busy spending time with our family. Half of the time, we were taking care of Lily. Then, the other half of the time, Jamie was playing the Wii with the kids. We had a great time with everyone. Next time, we will do better with the pictures. Lily really did enjoy her day...
Only seconds (literally) after we left Uncle Donnie's house- Lily was asleep. She was worn out from entertaining everyone. We got back home late yesterday. Lily had another wonderful night of sleep. Now, she is taking her nap in her pink and white bedroom. So, I am going to get busy on some housework. Have a great day!


The Davis Family said...

I can't believe how much she has grown! She looks like such a big girl in that carseat! How sweet.

lillian08 said...

What beautiful pictures! Tahnk you for sharing... lots like your Tiger Lily had a wonderful time.
She just get prettier and prettier everytime I check your blog!
Love y'all,
Jenny (... and Danny & Lilli)