Monday, July 21, 2008

A Tisket, A Tasket... Lily's in a Basket!

Yes, Lily is actually in a basket. Aunt Suzette decided this would be a fun way to carry Lily around today. Lily loved it. She would whine when Suzette put her down because she needed another ride in the flying basket.
But, before the basket expedition took place, Lily took another nap by herself in the pink and white bedroom. This is a big deal since she has been attached to me during naptime for the past four months, unless she took her naps in her car seat or her stroller.
So, here she is. This is the place where I slept with the exact same sheets and pillows over 11 years ago. She slept so well again today. Of course, the monitor is attached to my ear during the two hour naps that she continues to take. I also checked on her about a zillion times. But, we are making progress. She seems to really enjoy sleeping in an actual bed. She doesn't make herself sick like she did when we put her in the crib. So, we are just praying that she won't fall out of the bed. Until she is walking a bit better, she will still be sleeping with us at night. Then, I think we will make an easy switch to the big girl's bed.
In one day, Lily went from a big girl's bed to a basket. You never know what new adventure each day will bring in the land of parenthood.

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Kevin & Kimberly said...

Your old bedroom is beautiful...I love the pink stripes!!! I even had that exact comforter set..still do - LOL! Lily looks so sweet sleeping in there, and I know it means a lot for you to see her in your old room.

Sweet pictures!!