Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Strawberry Fields & the Statue of Lily

We love New York, so we had to give that city a little mention in this title. Our night just seemed like it fit right in with a walk in Central Park and a boat ride over to the island. We probably used a tactic that many won't approve of, but we were desperate for Lily to use the sippy cup. As you can see above, she finally gave in and taught herself how to use this new device. This is where the Strawberry Fields part comes in. When I was young, my Mom used to give me Strawberry milk as a special treat. So, Jamie and I thought, "Hmmmm... I wonder if Lily would like the taste of this yummy treat enough to use her sippy cup?" Well, the answer is in the picture. She drank the whole thing. It wasn't easy. She bit on the cup a few times, and then - just like the magic of walking through Central Park and visiting Strawberry Fields- she just started sucking the milk perfectly. Of course, she did not want me to hold it either. She made sure she held her own cup the entire time. Then, we had bathtime after dinner. This is where the Statue of Lily appeared. Look at her crown upon her head. We both said, "Look- she looks like the Statue of Liberty. Oh, she is the statue of Lily!" She thought she was pretty cute this way, too. Jamie held her up to a mirror, and she laughed and laughed at herself. I hope we are able to share our love of New York City with Lily one day. Then, we can show her these pictures, and we can laugh together!


lillian08 said...

I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG, LONG time!
Those pictures of Lily in the bathtub have made my day... WHAT ARE Y'ALL FEEDING HER TO MAKE HER HAIR GROW?
I can't wait to pull up your site at home and show Danny... he's going to flip!
I'll get Lily some video's soon. I promise... I haven't been able to catch Lilli doing anything really funny lately.
Tell Lily we love her... love y'all too!
His, Jen

Kevin & Kimberly said...

Congrats on the sippy cup breakthrough!! We still haven't gotten there yet. Maybe I should try strawberry milk. I've tried everything else...grape juice, pineapple juice, nothing works - LOL!!

I love her bathtime hair!! The pictures are great!

Like Jen said, Hannah could use whatever Lilli is eating to make her hair grow!!
Kim :)