Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lily and her Aunties

Lily's fascination with the vacuum cleaner is getting stronger every day. I am looking forward to the day when she can share some of my chores around the house. She is already a big help in the laundry room. She loves to stand in front of the dryer and hand me one item at a time when I am hanging up clothes. I am teaching her the same way my Mom taught me. Laundry was one of my first chores, too.
Last night, her Aunt Trina and Aunt Ruella came over for dinner and playtime. Lily had the best time. She loves them dearly, and it is obvious to all who are around the three of them. They have spent a lot of time with her, and they were both so understanding in the very beginning about how important it was to actually spend quality time with her where they let her be herself. Now, all that time has truly paid off. She gave both of them kisses on the cheek last night very willingly and on her own while they were playing. She only does that with Jamie, Aunt Suzette, and me. We tried to get some of their playtime action on video. This is just a snippet of the time with Aunt Ruella who had her giggling uncontrollably throughout the evening. Poor Lily had to sit and breath for minutes at a time because she was laughing so hard at her Auntie.
We had such a wonderful visit, and it was the best present for us, as parents, to see Lily so connected to very special people in her life. Thank you Auntie Trina and Auntie Ruella for coming over and spending time with Lily. She was completely worn out last night, and we thank you for that, too!


Sylvia said...

Jamie and Stephanie,
I loved the video with Trina and Ruella! I think they get as much joy from Lily as you and Jamie! (Almost) The video really made me smile! I am a big fan of everyone in it! Have a great day!

Jonda said...

Hi! I read your comment today on my blog and you are more than welcome to link to ours. It is so nice to hear from someone else in the group!

I'm glad everything is going well for you. Time is definitely flying now that we are home.