Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cheerios- the new food group?

I thought that I would be writing to you about Lily's new food group today. She spent three days mainly eating Cheerios. I was starting to get a little worried. But, this morning, she ate her Baba's scrambled eggs and part of a biscuit. So, all is well in our little picky eater's world as far as the food goes.

She kept us up for three hours again last night. So, this morning, Baba left the two of us in bed, and he went to church by himself. I told him when he got home that I would rather have extra sleep as a present than flowers any day. We have had to put some steriod cream on Lily's excema that she got while we were on vacation. We have only used it three times, and that is probably the extent of our usage. Bless her heart- it really messed up her little system of sleeping the past two nights. However, her face is almost cleared up and back to normal. We battled excema a little in China, but this was the worst time yet.

On one last note, does anyone know how long it is supposed to take a toddler to use a sippy cup? All Lily wants to do is play with it. She knows how to get water out of it, which she will show us with total exasperation. It is like she is saying, "Okay- watch. Now, can I play with this cool toy?" Then, she wants to turn it upside down. I also think it is funny that every sippy cup says it doesn't leak. Apparently, Lily is a genius. She has figured out how to make every one of them leak- whether it is by pushing the spout down on her highchair or turning it up and shaking it until the water leaks out of the cup itself, which is never really attached quite right to the lid.

Oh, well. I really love all of these stages and watching as she changes every day. Here is a cute picture of her playing in her playhouse. She loves her playroom. I am afraid she might get tired of it, but she squeals with delight every time she sees it again as though it is a long-lost friend.


Kevin & Kimberly said...

Hi there..we traveled with you..Kim and Kevin (Hannah's parents). I have been following your website and am so glad you started a's really fun!

Lilly is a cutie pie and has progressed so much!!

We too have tried to start the sippy cup with Hannah, but have not had much success. She really doesn't like it at all, and it's back to the bottle for a while. All she does is throw it on the floor...won't put it in her mouth. We did try a soft tip one by Gerber and she will suck on it, but hasn't gotten used to the sipping yet. From everyone I have talked to about it, it is not an easy transition.

We have a blog, but went private with it. We'd love to have you check it out. Shoot me an email and I'll send you an invite.

It would be nice to keep in touch.

Take care,

Kim :)

Anonymous said...

I think sippie cups are just trial and error until you find the one that "works" then hopefully you can move on to whatever works in your stash.

As for eczema, both my kids have it and California Baby calendula cream was like magic for my little man but not so much for my little chick. We've been using Eucerin cream on her and it seems to be helping just stay on top of it. What steroid cream are you using though bc our pediatrician won't even give us a prescription for any anymore..maybe there is something new! So glad to finally be on your blog! :)