Monday, July 14, 2008

My Two Favorite People

I know it probably doesn't need to be said, but they are my two favorite people on earth. Watching Jamie with Lily is something I love more than anything else. I know that all of you Moms out there feel the same way. There is just nothing like a Father with his child.
We have been house/pool sitting for two neighbors for the past two weeks. It has been nice to have access to a pool every day. So, Lily has been swimming around like a little fish. The above picture shows our little bundle after a late afternoon swim with both of us. She definitely enjoys the pool, and she is not even a little afraid of sticking her head in and taking a big swallow of water. She is nothing like her Mama who still can barely swim.
Tomorrow, we are having her two Aunties over for dinner and playtime with Lily. Auntie Ruella and Auntie Trina are coming over, and I have warned them to be ready for this new Lily who is into everything. Her walking legs are improving every day, and she gets steadier with every step she takes. Once those legs really start taking her places, we will put a video on here for everyone to see. How funny is it that everyone walks around every day, but when it is your child who is walking- it is like it is the first time someone has ever walked...ever! I will probably have to put a sippy cup video on too! Hee Hee...

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Anonymous said...

What a precious piture! You need to have this framed. I don't think there is anything sweeter in the whole world than a Daddy with his "Little Angel." - Love Sylvia