Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Sunday Dress

I am totally breaking my "Jamie Rule" today. He says no posts are allowed over the weekend. Actually, he says no computer time is allowed over the weekend, either. But, he understands that these cute pictures just have to be shown. So, this is Lily is another one of Jayci's dresses (thank you April!!!). Is this not the cutest sundress! Once Lily realized that she was being photographed- Look what happened...
Yes, that is right! She is starting to finally realize that she is totally gorgeous! It really is about time. She really cheesed, as they say, for this photo. This, by the way, is the real Lily for those of you who see her out in public and she pretends like she is shy. One day, she will show this side of herself. However, we enjoy the quiet, shy, mannerly Lily for now.
So, here we are this morning, on our way to Sunday School. Lily had a great time this morning. She is starting to talk more at church, which is nice to see. She is also playing all by herself, and she doesn't have to be in my lap constantly. However, if anyone else sits in my lap- Lily is not happy at all. It is a good thing that the girls who want to sit in my lap are a bit older. They just seem to understand when I explain that I am Lily's Mama and she needs me right now. I am just thankful that we are making progress with our anxieties as far as people go.
Once we got home from church, we had to fill out more paperwork for China. We have to send post placement documents that tell about how Lily is doing, and we got to show them pictures of how she is blossoming into our Lily-flower. I had forgotten how much time that paperwork takes. I ended up working on it for 2 hours. But, it was nice to do the paperwork with my little blessing playing right beside me with her Baba.
After that, it was naptime. Lily took her first nap in my old bedroom, the one I slept in when I was little. (For those who don't know this- we live in the house where I grew up. When my Mom passed away 7 years ago, it was given to us.) She loved it! She slept so well in there, and I almost lost it when I watched her sleep where I had slept a lifetime ago. She looked like a princess in my pink and white bedroom, that can no longer be called mine. I just stood there imagining my own Mom watching me as I slept. Parental love is the most wonderful love. Jamie and I were talking about how you can never imagine the love you will have for your children- until they are here. I guess this is the closest we can ever feel to how God feels about us. It is truly pretty amazing.
So, a Sunday Dress to an Amazing Love. You never know where these posts will go, do you? I will be posting again soon. Have a great week!

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april said...

I loved that dress! It makes me happy that I could pass it to Lily she looks so cute in it!