Friday, January 9, 2015

The Princess and the Kiss: Life Lessons

 Lily and I are doing this wonderful study about what God expects from her concerning her purity. (The Princess and the Kiss by Jennie Bishop)  It is the sweetest study I have ever seen, and it is teaching her so much!  What amazes me the most is the opinions and values she already has at the age of 7!  The life lessons last for 21 days, so every night- we get to do a Bible study and read what God wants to tell her about saving her "kiss".  Each night, there is always a jewel of truth - a Bible verse and some activities to further her understanding. So, tonight, she had to choose a man in her life that is very Godly.  Of course, she chose her Baba.  Then, it asked her to make a list of qualities that were worth admiring that she would like to find in her future husband, if that is God's plan for her life.  She wrote this list on her own.  I am so proud of my amazing daughter!

    Just in case you can't read her writing, this is the list she made:

      Qualities Worth Admiring
1.  He loves God!
2. Thankful
3.  Tell the truth no matter what
4.  To make Godly choices
5.  To not steal
6.  Be kind
7.  Put others first
8.  Not to argue- talk things out
9.  He only loves me and my children (she also said, "You know- He isn't attracted to other women!")
10.  He doesn't say bad words
11. He only worships God
12. Not to be mad at God's plan
13. He is only friends with good people
14. Listens to only Christian music
15. Tells other people about God

I am just amazed by what she has observed and what she already knows at such a young age.  This just shows you how important it is to tell our children everything we can about what God expects from them because they are watching and learning from our lives and the examples we set daily!

Just if you are interested, they have a boys book too!

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