Sunday, January 4, 2015

Disney Day 4- CHRISTmas!

 We woke up to celebrate Jesus's birthday by reading Luke 2 together and opening up our stockings which contain three gifts... plus Lily's has three scrolls.

 We enjoy spending Christmas Day at Hollywood Studios.  Usually Magic Kingdom is a complete nightmare, especially on Christmas Day.  But, we have always loved spending the day at Hollywood Studios because of the Christmas lights.  So, we headed over to see the lights during the daytime so Lily could look at how they are strung on the buildings - which is so cool.
 Then, we headed over to find a star so that I could take a picture of Lily pointing at it for my book...

 After that, we headed into the Villians Bakery to have Lily's favorite treat- white chocolate covered strawberries.  I believe that Jordy will like them too!
 Next, we had a Fast Pass for the Frozen Sing-Along which was completely wonderful!  Can I tell you something was AWESOME!  Not only did we thoroughly enjoy ourselves...
 But so did our little man!  We regretted not getting a Fast Pass for Beauty and the Beast which we also love seeing at Hollywood Studios.  I think he would have loved it, too!
 This was a picture I took while Lily was singing away... Jamie was singing too.  But, Lily had held the note out really long!
 Jordy was totally enthralled with the whole thing...
 We went to Toy Story Mania for our next Fast Pass of the day.  We were in and out of there in less than ten minutes.  Love that ride!

We ended that day with a Turkey Leg to share... YUMMO!  Then, unfortunately, we called it a day.  We were tired, and we decided to go back to the Boardwalk and just hang out as a family!  It was a fantastic decision.  We watched the fireworks from our balcony and made a note to go back to Hollywood Studios on another evening to see the lights.  Looking back, I am glad we saved it because it was completely wonderful later in the week.

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