Sunday, January 4, 2015

Disney Day 6- December 27

 We started our day just taking some fun pictures outside our door in the hallway.

 There aren't many pictures for today because this was a Magic Kingdom day and it was CRAZY.  I love Disney World more than you can imagine.  We love it so much that years ago we traveled to Paris, France and we went to Disneyland Paris which was also wonderful.  It was also at Christmas, and we loved it.  But, I seriously love all the parks at Disney way more than I love Magic Kingdom.  I love being there when no one else is is magical, and the rides are wonderful.  But, being there with a crowd can be completely awful.  So, we always get really pumped up about going and we talk about how crazy it is going to be.  We have to prepare ourselves for this park...
 So we hustled and bustled through this park all day... riding rides and spending time rolling our eyes at each other... people watching is always a fun thing to do here.  By dinner time, we were ready for Casey's Corner.  It was a madhouse, but we prayed and of course- God provided us with a table so we could eat.  Lily enjoyed a few bites of cotton candy after our yummy corn dog nuggets.

 Then, we stopped by the BabyCenter for a few moments of calm and peace to watch Boba Fett feed Batman.  Love Disney for providing these areas to feed your baby in a calm environment.
 We watched Elsa freeze the castle over and over again throughout the night which was seriously cool.  The major renovations that Disney is doing to this park also didn't help the crazy feel.  But, that is just part of Disney World.  They are always building and making it better.  It does help to know some different ways to go... so that at least helps while you are here.  Of course, it doesn't hurt that we have been so many times before when no one was there- and then Magic Kingdom is just as magical as ever.
 Before turning in for the evening, we stopped to get some Olaf Cake Pops.  Lily chose a caramel apple for her treat for the day.  But, we had them to cut it up for us so we didn't take a picture of that!

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