Sunday, January 4, 2015

Disney Day 8- December 29

 Jordy started off the day with a cup of coffee...
 Only joking, of course-

 We went to Epcot for lunch.  We ate in Germany and had a wonderful experience.  We really enjoyed the food, and we also loved the musical show.
 We walked back to our room for a short break before...

 Before we decided to be crazy people again.... Magic Kingdom here we come!

 First stop- we got to see Anna and Elsa!  So much fun!  We have no pictures of this- those are all Disney Photos.  But, they are beautiful- once we decided what we will purchase, I will post those.
 Next, we rode on the carousel...which makes me happy, happy, happy!

 We headed over to Gaston's Tavern for a quick drink of Frozen Apple Juice...

 We had to stop for another snack which was one of my favorites- a white chocolate marshmallow covered Olaf!
 Then onto my favorite ride at Magic Kingdom- Under the Sea...

 Love this new ride... can't wait for Disney to make more new rides!
 Next, we headed over to It's A Small World... because we can't leave Magic Kingdom without riding this ride at least once!
 Then, we ended up our night back at Epcot beside the Wishing Well where Snow White usually stands getting her picture made with everyone.  We got some popcorn and sat in a quiet spot enjoying the evening.  We had a really busy day today, but we enjoyed every minute.

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