Saturday, January 3, 2015

Disney Day 2- December 23rd

 We started out the day by putting some bling on our Magicbands.
 We were headed to Magic Kingdom for the day.  So we had a family photo taken at the bus stop.

 Lily and I were hanging out waiting for lunch while Baba was changing Jordy's diaper.

 We got to eat at the Plaza Restaurant.  It is our favorite place at Magic Kingdom.  But, there are many great places to eat here.  We also like Casey's Corner and Crystal Palace.
 Lily got the Mickey Sundae which she enjoyed.

 We took a break before riding the Haunted Mansion ride.  Jordy slept through the whole ride.

 We also stopped in FantasyLand to have some of Lefou's Brew at Gaston's Tavern.  Just watching Gaston get his picture made with the girls was a show in and of itself.
 We were waiting for a second to ride Winnie the Pooh, and I caught Lily yawning!

 On the Pooh ride... so thankful for Fast Passes.

 We took Lily to Main Street to search for the old-timey phone so she could listen in on a Disney secret.  They did a great job of maintaining its secrecy.  So, she got to listen in on a conversation.  It is neat to hear what that sounded like back then.  She really enjoyed it.

 We stopped by the bakery to pick up a treat...
 And then had to have a funnel cake to share while watching the fireworks from our room.

 He loved the fireworks!  He enjoyed watching and seeing everything!

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